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Measuring Instructions

Proper dimensions are critical to attain the best possible fit and longest life of your liner. We strive to manufacture a liner that is both tight enough to eliminate unsightly wrinkles and loose enough to prevent the excessive stress on the vinyl that will shorten the liner’s life. The more accurate and detailed the dimensions you provide to us, the more perfect your liner will fit.

Refer to the liner order form when measuring for a liner. Select the proper pool shape and fill in all of the required information. If your pool shape is not on this form or you are in need of assistance please call (518) 283-1023 for technical support.

We recommend measuring your pool with the water in it. This is possible if the water is clear and you can see the bottom or if the water is dirty, by feeling the transition points with a pole. When you empty the pool you run the risk of having the walls collapse, unless they are properly shored up.

All measurements are to be taken horizontally, do not measure down the slope itself.

Correct method of pool liner measuring. Incorrect method of pool liner measuring.
All length measurements must equal total length of pool, all width measurements must equal total width of pool.

Referring to the Order Form:
A = K + J + K

B = H + G + F + E

When measuring overall length and width of the pool, temporarily disregard radius corners. Measure the length and width from flat panel surfaces, not from the inside face of the coping.

Measure length and width to flat sides and ends of pool.

Measure depths vertically from liner bead receiver (or with overlap liner from the top of the wall), not the top of the coping or sidewalk. Be sure to check the wall height ( C ) in a few places at both ends of the pool.

For pools with rounded or bowled hoppers, we recommend visualizing the pad smaller and the slopes larger when you measure them. If the break (transition from the wader to the hopper) is undefined or rounded artificially make your measurement for the wader longer. These alterations to the liner measurements will result in less material in the liner and make the liner fit a little tight, but with less chance of wrinkles.

The type and size corner to order is that of the panel, or corner filler panel, not the coping.

Radius Corners:
Locate the imaginary 'square' corner of the pool on the deck by stringing a line along the straight section of both side walls out to where the corner point would be located. Measure from the intersecting point of the strings to the point where the string touches the side wall. This is your radius.
How to measure radius pool corners.

Diagonal Corners:
Measure the length of the diagonal.

How to measure radius pool corners

Oval Shaped pools do not have corners.

For grecian shaped pools, we need to know if the hopper pad (flat area in bottom of deep end) is four sided (rectangular) or six sided (follows the shape of the pool).

Grecian pool with rectangular pad in hopper. Grecian pool with grecian pad in hopper.
Grecian pool with
rectangular hopper.

Grecian pool with
grecian hopper.

Beaded or Overlap Liners:
Most inground pools today use a beaded (hung) liner, which snaps into a track. Our standard bead will fit about 90% of all pools. We do stock other types of bead and if you believe yours is not standard please send us a sample. The brand name of the pool is helpful in determining the proper bead type.

Overlap liners have no bead and are held in place over the top of the pool wall with some sort of clamping mechanism, stapled to a board, etc.. We will add the proper amount of material for the overlap, we need depth dimensions to the top of the pool wall. Overlap liners can not be ordered with a tile border pattern.

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